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Winter, hummingbirds & mountains

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

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Photo: Tikal, Guatemala

Just in time for the colourful fall.

I've returned to Belgium.

It takes a while to get used to the cold and short days.

The shortest day and longest night soon arriving, with winter solstice on Sunday, December 22.

An ideal time to relax, for silence and reflection.

At Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, I experienced a wonderful creative flow for three months this summer, surrounded by buzzing hummingbirds, a volcanic lake and colorful people.

The Mayan culture and lush nature were a perfect source of inspiration to create the sun-moon calendar.

At the Bioneers conference in San Francisco, I presented “Majestic Mountains”, 4 impressive mountain landscapes along my cycling trip.

Bioneers Conference, San Francisco, USA
"I hope to inspire the viewer to explore Nature’s beauty and wisdom, falling in love and deepening their heart’s connection with our precious planet. It is my wish to contribute to a rising green consciousness with more respect and relation towards the untouched natural world. Pristine landscapes and vast nature help people to re-connect with their own divine nature." Toon Muylaert

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