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Turning tides

What is the next step in the human evolution?

World peace?

Really loving your neighbor like yourself?

Maybe loving the distant like your neighbor?

A sense of unity?

Or realising that animals and plants too have a life that wants to be respected?

During this development, it seems as if the stretcher first get very tightly tensed.

Sowing separation.

Screaming hatred.

Destroying nature.

The further the elastic is stretched,

the quicker it releases.

Everything that boils up under the skin,

comes to the surface in society,

finally sees the light...

You can't bring the light to the darkness, you must bring the darkness to the light. Marianne Williamson

Can we bring light to those hidden places in society?

to those repressed traumas in ourselves?

to the polluted air, water and soil?

I hope when that stretcher releases,

we get past the division,

beyond the injustice

and arrive beyond the hopelessness.

We are here together with many souls.

Each with our own unique qualities.

Each with our creative solutions.

Let's make something beautiful together.

The earth deserves it.

Donations gratefully received

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