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Are you ready to flow with Natural Time?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Originally published in Dutch.

Photo: Kyrgyzstan

The 12-month calendar is so embedded in our society that we barely realise it's everyday impact on our lives. It is somewhat like the operating system of our civilisation, on which appointments are being made and through which we connect. A system that no-one is even aware of, as long as it is working well.


Who wonders why Septem-ber is the ninth month and Octo-ber the tenth? The current calendar doesn’t seem to be ideal for the optimal functioning of our society. Irregular months of 30 or 31 days and sometimes 28 or 29 days are confusing and destabilising.

While immersing in the Mayan culture, last year in Guatemala and currently in Mexico, I learn about the cyclical nature of time. The Mayans do not see time as a time-line, but as never-ending cycles, represented as gears meshed together. Based on observations of the rhythm of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the planets and the stars, the Mayans use up to 17 different calendars.

Our ancestors were not recording time; they were recording timing. The Mayan sages understood time as an endless web of cycles within cycles, all connected by an infinite spiral of the eternal Now. Hunbatz Men - The 8 Calendars of the Maya

One of their calendars is the Tun Uc, the lunar calendar, which has 13 cycles of 28 days, similar to the natural cycles of women and synchronised with the 13 annual revolutions of the Moon around the Earth. By using a 13 moon 28 day calendar, we welcome a balance of the masculine and feminine energies, in ourselves and in our collective consciousness.

In a world focused on doing rather than on being, with more attention to logic than to feeling, it is important to restore these lunar cycles to their place of honour.

Would you join the shift from artificial time to natural time?

What impact could you experience in your life? Can using a different calendar influence our society in many aspects?

Structure: from hierarchy to holarchy

Communication: from incoherence to coherence

Economy: from scarcity to abundance

Governance: from authoritarian to self-governance

Art & Culture: from time is money to time is art

Justice: from inequity to equality

Health & Wellness: from disease to balance

Science: from irrational to rational

Spirituality: from matter over spirit to spirit over matter

Environment: from ego to eco

Education: from ignorance to gnosis

Community: from competition to cooperation

Calendar: from decay to evolution


Change your calendar and your mind will change, Change your mind and your society will change, Change your society and your planet will change. José Arguelles

Would you experience more harmony in your life when you synchronise to the rhythms of the universe? I invite you to visit my webshop and order your copy of my Galactic Calendar, supporting my mission to re-introduce the 13 moon 28 days calendar on our planet Earth. Inspiring quotes and the energies of the moons will introduce you to a new notion of time. With stunning photographs from around the world, we will travel to 13 breathtaking mountains, from Mongolia to New Zealand, while exploring Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Laos and more magical travel destinations.

Are you ready to flow with Natural Time?



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